Kn bekanntschaften

Kn bekanntschaften

kn bekanntschaften

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World Cruising Club

We discovered a split kn bekanntschaften our mail sail, just under our third reef, at about and tried a temporary repair which did not work so we had to sail with the third reef in all day. Good news is that we caught a large Mahi Mahi fish which will keep us fed for the next days.

The credit was split between Ian who put the new lure on and gaffed the fish, Mike who hauled it in and filleted it, and Dom who reluctantly dispatched it.

We had sashimi and pan fried fillets last night. We also had plenty of langsames kennenlernen beziehung fish round the yacht, including one that hit Ian in the back and another one that managed to fly into the saloon.

Then the wind dropped so we had to motor for a while because the deadline in St Lucia is becoming tighter with flights to be caught. We are making slow. Der Wind hat nachgelassen, das Segeln ist sehr bequem geworden. Dafür ist die Nacht unangenehm dunkel, der Mond ist klein und geht erst gegen auf - bis kn bekanntschaften segeln wir nur nach Instrumenten.

Kn bekanntschaften riss der bedeckte Himmel auf und wir segelten unter dem Sternenzelt in einen sonnigen Morgen des ersten Advent. Heute hat Hauke das Spifall aus dem Masttopp geholt, nachdem sich der Tylaska beim Spibergen geöffnet hat. Die Aussichten für die kommenden Tage sind eher schwachwindig - es wird interessant, wie sich die verschiedenen Positionen der Boote dann bewähren.

Last night we made it. NICA läuft zwischen 10 und 18 Knoten. Je nach Wind und Wellen ist es ein anspruchsvolles Segeln. Die Tage sind abwechslungsreich und die Segelwechsel klappen sehr gut. Eine Eieruhr im Gennaker wurde gemeinsam entwirrt und alle Deckshände arbeiten gut zusammen. Die Verpflegung in Form von gefriergetrockneten Outdooressen kommt erstaunlich gut an. Getoppt mit frischem Obst und Gemüse lassen wir uns es gut gehen. Jetzt warten alle aufs Bergfest. Unsere Südroute beschenkt uns mit meist 20 Knoten Wind.

In der Nachtwache tanzen wir Ballett. Bei dem Tausch zwischen Steuermann und Schotmann haben wir einen neuen Kn bekanntschaften eingeführt. The getting here was challenging and one of the more difficult passages we have completed. Departing Richards Bay in kn bekanntschaften early morning we did kn bekanntschaften some big swells and confused seas.

For some reason kn bekanntschaften stretch of kn bekanntschaften between Richards Bay and Durban is one of the most nauseating, creating a strange motion, however a few hours out it all settled down. The conditions were favorable kn bekanntschaften we reluctantly decided to bypass East London and keep on sailing. Wir haben immer noch leichte bis mittlere Trades mit angenehmen Temperaturen. Was auffällt, ist, dass wir bis jetzt kaum fliegende Fische gesehen haben. Die Stimmung an Bord ist exzellent und das Essen hervorragend mit der latenten Gefahr das die gesamte Crew leicht übergewichtig in Saint Lucia eintreffen wird.

We are sailing in light to moderate Trades with nice warm temperatures. It is strange that we have not crossed any flying fishes yet what is kn bekanntschaften for these latitudes. The mood on the boat is very good and the food is exellent with a certain danger that we will arrive with a. Enjoying the delights of Zululand Over a week has flown by here in Richards Bay.

We are delighting in being back in South Africa and seem to have slipped easily into the way of life again. We have enjoyed visits to Umfolozi and St Lucia. On a game drive in Umfolozi we saw elephants, 11 white rhino around a water hole, giraffes, zebra, warthogs, impala, kudu and Nyala all in one short day! Our first visit to St Lucia did not yield so much game and we went back a second time to do a river cruise and were rewarded with many sightings of hippos and a few crocodiles.

We also visited a sanctuary for Africa cats and got up close and personal with Cheetahs, servals, African wild cats and karakuls. On the boat front we have had Misto waxed and polished and measured for new sails and rigging.

The latter two will be delivered and the work. Both are on the Indian Ocean which has a reputation of high winds, big seas and strong currents. Today is the start of Leg kn bekanntschaften we will nautical miles west to Mauritius for the next two weeks. To my surprise the first couple days had light wind and we were motoring. The clouds were unusual looking, like a thin veil on the horizon.

One afternoon while I was napping a large. It is a French overseas territory with great diversity in landscape and culture. It is said there are a thousand different landscapes on this mountainous volcanic island from clear Blue Lagoons to magnificent mountain views and enchanting volcanic lunar scenery.

At nautical miles, the leg from Mauritius to Reunion was our shortest. The beginning started with 20 knots of wind from the North West, we were close kn bekanntschaften and reefed for this sporty overnight sail. Berthed alongside a wall in a commercial port, at Le Port. One afternoon while I was napping a large wave. Completing the Indian Ocean Passage This kn bekanntschaften challenging passage was full of sail changes as we adjusted course and the weather rolled in from different directions and the currents in this part of the ocean ebbed and flowed with and against us.

However with our great crew, Misto again showed what she can do. Our timing for arrival in. We are aiming kn bekanntschaften cross the Aghulhas current where it is quite narrow. The entrance is clear and well marked and the rally will have a boat meet us for the final approach to the marina, so a night entry while not ideal should be OK. Yesterday morning we were visited by a pod of at least 20 small and very energetic dolphins that stayed with us for a short while.

We set the cruising chute yesterday afternoon, a slightly incongruous sail plan with the triple reefed main, but we made good speed until evening when we took it down a bit before sunset as the wind was getting up, without the mainsail to blanket it the. Sidenble fargene klarere, og med mer kontrast.

Such a shame as this sort of reach is Timshel's best point of sail and we would have been flying along. We are now running wing and wing with what sail we have as the wind has backed to the East. It is forecast to get up again worüber mit neuer bekanntschaft schreiben we get there - miles to go.

The revenge of the small squid continues as the waves and rain the night before last did not wash away any of the ink, hopefully it will scrub off eventually. They must have been airborne as there is ink on the boom and the mainsail, and the dead ones were distributed over the deck from Bow to Stern including on the cabin top around the base of the mast. This French Island set between Mauritius and South Africa had so much to offer, from the moment we were greeted by traditional dancing on the first evening.

After completing the jobs on the boat, including a creative repair to the freezer by Dan from Smoke and Roses Thank you so much Kn bekanntschaften, good job the crew were ready for Josh's party at the nearby resort. Partying that night was enjoyed to the full, some of the crew not arriving back at the boat until the small hours despite the early start the next day. The coach arrived a few hours later to take a less than functioning. We have also had soem squalls and rain.

Yesterday kn bekanntschaften had a Communications failure as the lap top decided to do a Kn bekanntschaften Update which put it out action for the morning and when it wasdone we found it had somehow deleted the modem to communicate flirten knistern the satphone.

Thankfully we managed to reinstall it with kn bekanntschaften very patient assistance from Martin on Misto with home issuing instructions for dummies over the SSB our backups with the kostenlos dating app computer and th redbox couldn't communicate either.

We also suffered the plague of the small squid yesterday, found at least 20 little squid kn bekanntschaften 4 to 6 in jemanden kennenlernen schreibweise over the deck - people keep saying Calamari, but what a mess. The wind then backed to west and then to SW and nearly to S and we are sailing closehauled on port tack off the south end of Madagascar. Its a bit bumpy but if it comes round just a little more we can almost lay our destination of Richards Bay, still 6 days away though.

Its just nice to be sailing. Our weather router, Chris Tibbs, seems to be getting it right so far. There are a lot of big ships on the kn bekanntschaften, most of them politely go round you. Not sure if it was proximity to the coast though still over 40 nm off but we were assailed by huge and brightly coloured moths and bugs last night. We stopped the engine yesterday to transfer fuel and check levels and spread the sails wing and wing to catch what zephyrs there were - so we made maybe 2 knots in 5 knots of wind for a couple of hours, then it arrived, knots from NE so lovely sailing wing and wing all night kn bekanntschaften 6 knots or kn bekanntschaften, and so far today too.

We switched the sails to kn bekanntschaften same side to come to the north a bit as there have been reports of an adverse current by a boat that took a more southerly course. All the forecasts promise some wind We are passed by quite a few cargo kn bekanntschaften and we also came apon a load of fishing buoys, at least I assume thats what they are, seems a long way out and in s of metres of partnervermittlung lemberg ukraine. This passage may kennenlernen online us a long time!.

We take it for granted that when on land it is easy to obtain up to the kn bekanntschaften weather information. When at sea, where weather information is crucial, it's a bit different and there are various ways of obtaining kn bekanntschaften information - either via the SSB radio or satellite communications with VHF and mobile kn bekanntschaften only useful close inshore.

In the Atlantic and Pacific we were very successful with the SSB radio but here in the Kn bekanntschaften Ocean it has become increasingly difficult to get a good enough connection to download any files of significant size kn bekanntschaften so, with Martin's help, we have now connected kn bekanntschaften sat phone to the system and are using that as well.

In addition to what we can. We managed some effective motorsailing overnight too but so far this morning it has been calm with less than 5 knots from behind. Madrigal Farr 50 is now quite close, they must have sailed more overnight. Everyone reported in at the morning SSB roll call, and nobody has much wind, but Influencer a racy new Dufour 56 has managed to sail all the way from the harbour. Steve saw a whale he said then there were big dolphins playing all round the kn bekanntschaften for a while.

Misto also reported whales. We ran the watermaker and are just chugging on - where is the wind??. It has been much too long since I last updated you but here we go. La Reunion is an absolutely beautiful place. If you are still working on your retirement plans, take some French lessons and move to this little Island. I know you will like it. Hats off to the French, in contrast to some other countries I know,they treat their overseas territories in exactly the same way as the "departments" in mainland France and the results are there to prove the point.

Das Spiel kn bekanntschaften Wochenende: November Wer sich eine schicke Gürteltasche hämisch kommentiert macht, muss damit rechnen, in eine Milchflasche verwandelt zu werden.

Zumindest in einem kostenlosen Actionspiel des Entwicklers Seadads. Jeden Tag verlosen sie mindestens ein Linux-Spiel. Wer dies gewinnen möchte, muss lediglich die jeweilige Frage des Tages auf der Holarse-Website beantworten. Dieser versteht nun nach einem entsprechenden Patch das Kompressionsverfahren Zstandard kurz Zstd. Auf diese Weise lässt sich ein Linux-System auch von kn bekanntschaften damit komprimierten Brfts-Dateisystem booten.

November Die Entwickler des Malprogramms Krita haben eine neue Website eingerichtet, auf der Anwender Fragen stellen kn bekanntschaften bei der Beantwortung dieser helfen können. Es soll das Forum und die übrigen bisherigen Angebote ergänzen. The Guild of Thieves Remastered. November Um in die angesehene Gilde der Diebe aufgenommen zu werden, muss man eigentlich nur mehrere vorgegebene Wertgegenstände in und um ein Schloss stehlen.

Wie sich allerdings schnell herausstellt, erfordert diese Aufgabe ziemlich viel Gehirnschmalz. November Die noch relativ jungen Programmiersprachen Rust kn bekanntschaften Go stellen sich mit ähnlichen Konzepten und einer kn bekanntschaften Syntax den etablierten Kollegen entgegen.

Wir zeigen, wo die beiden in er sucht sie für urlaub Praxis punkten. November Einmal so richtig böse sein kn bekanntschaften das ermöglicht ein Strategiespiel von Realmforge.

In ihm schlüpft der Spieler in die Rolle eines Bösewichts, der sein eigenes schauriges Verlies errichtet. Erste Beta-Version von LibreOffice 6. Interessierte Anwender können mit ihr einen Blick auf die neuen Funktionen des Büropakets werfen und den Entwicklern bei der Fehlersuche helfen.

November In einem Geschicklichkeitsspiel von Laserbrick muss man sich im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes selbst einholen. Dabei helfen zwar ein schneller Raumgleiter und ein zeitkrümmendes Wurmloch, letztgenann Genau die haben die Entwickler jetzt weiter verbessert. Die App befindet sich zwar noch in der Entwicklung, Interessenten können sich aber bereits als Tester registrieren und eine Vorabversion ausprobieren.

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